2022 Events

May 17, a spectacular view from the 7th floor AC Hotel terrace!

May 17, TAHMA Members appreciate beautiful weather on the AC Hotel terrace

April 26, Wake Tech's Culinary Arts and Hospitality students provided a great experience! 

April 26, TAHMA members at Wake Tech 

April 26, appetizer (seared scallop and risotto) and dessert (cheesecake bombe with strawberry compote) 

March 8, TAHMA's first in-person event of 2022: the Aloft Raleigh-Durham Airport/Brier Creek

March 8, an excellent turnout

May 17, TAHMA Members Todd Harris, Tyrrell Speight, and Anna-Martin Fritts

April 26, while TAHMA members gathered and reconnected outside... 

April 26, TAHMA members at Wake Tech 

April 26, John Wojcik of WakeWorks Apprenticeship Program 

March 8, our hosts provided the wxyz lounge for our social event

March 8, wxyz lounge

March 8, TAHMA Board members: Ron Leedy (host), Milton Hamilton, Natasha Sutton, David Press, Amanda Height

May 17, TAHMA Members Stephanie Shear, Pete Byers, Past President Sam Vadgama, Hill Carrow

April 26, ... the students were preparing inside. 

April 26, Jewel McNeil, Ron Leedy, John Wojcik (Wake Tech, speaker), Jane Broden (Wake Tech, host), ready for appetizers

March 8, networking with new and old friends

March 8, the Aloft provided a wonderful space - check out their lounge!

March 8, welcome to Aloft!